Ka-He AW17 ‘Echo’ explores the ideas of multiple effect and meaningless desire. By the effect of desire, meaning in todays world is rendered meaningless by multiplying.
To view something physically with your own eyes has more truth and substance. To view an image that lives constantly and can be seen by multiple at any chosen time through media, social or otherwise, is to view a dead moment. The Moment isn’t your own. It has been constructed from another persons perception and there desire to share that moment.
The effect of this is not your truth. It is still an image and if effective, will influence your wants and needs. Just like intended advertisements. Although it is not experienced in real life, does this make your desire, for example; to be on a beach or to have that coloured hair, meaningless? How does this one image that has been seen but not experienced have such a large and repetitive effect?

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Ka—He is a Melbourne based, low volume and highly configured clothing label created by Kacy Heywood. Kacy’s ability to devise unique, pragmatic and beautiful garments shows with each collection.


Her first collection ‘Return Investment’ (released March 2015) was well received and hooked Kacy into a constant creative give and take with the Ka—He consumer. Take.You SS16 fellowed with the same amount of philosophical thought. Now AW16, a self-titled and 
no-explanation collection. Practical, bold and alluring. She hopes for strength to be formed with each 
garment worn.

All garments are created and made in Melbourne by Ka—He.


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