Ka-He Invest Vest No.2


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This Vest is made from a Wool/Poly deadstock fabric stock and Melbourne milled, un died, organic cotton ribbing.

Dead End Stock – Deadstock fabrics are the left over fabrics of other fashion houses who overestimated their needs. Traditionally, brands would hold on to their excess fabrics for a few seasons and then send them to the landfills. As a designer buying deadstock fabrics is a really great way to lower waste and pollution. The down side is that the fabric is not original (but what is these days)

Melbourne Milled – The yarns where combined into this beautiful ribbing here in Melbourne. Buying from local mills means you are supporting the local industry creating a better economical bubble and also lowing your carbon footprint.

Un Died – Dies can be natural or synthetic. Synthetic dyes are usually made from coal tar and petroleum. Both processes of dieing (whether they use chemicals or not) use a lot of water!

Organic Cotton – Organic Cotton uses 91% less water than regular cotton. On top of this it does not use fertilizers and pesticides that will then wash into the earth and water ways. This organic cotton used comes from certified farms in India.

Sizing: 1 (xs/6) 2 (s/8) 3 (s/m/10) 4 (m/12) 5 (l/14) 6 (xl/16)